Lake of Retourtour in Lamastre – 15 mn
Supervised bathing from mid-June to early September, picnic area, games for children.

Lake of Désaignes – 20 mn
Open in July and August (except on Monday). Supervised bathing, games.

Lake of Labatie d’Andorre – 25 mn
Supervised and organised swimming in summer. Picnic area and hiking trails.

Water sports base EYRIUM – 35 mn
The 1,650sq.m. Eyrium water sports base is located in the middle of the Boutières, on the banks of Lake Collanges. It has slides, a paddling pool, outdoor games, a picnic area and a snack bar.

Water playground of Devesset Lake – 45 mn
Inflatable structure with a slide, trampoline and climbing wall … in the water!
Supervised by a monitor. Beach lifeguard in the afternoons in July & August.


500 m from the campsite
Fishing in the waters of the river ” du Doux,
Compulsory license, for sale in Lamastre (at Super U supermarket).

The 5 bridges fishing circuit in Lamastre – 15 mn
No Kill angling – 3,900m long.

Trout fishing in Labatie d’Andaure – 25 mn
At Moulin de Malfragner. Fishing without license. Tariff by weight of fish caught.

Games, Walks and Sports

Ludic path of Monteil – 5 mn
A family walks where the discovery of the flora and fauna becomes a childrensplay.
Departure: parking of Monteil.

Vélorail and Autorail – 15 mn
Swoop down the Doux river gorges on the vélorail (rail-bike) and return on the train to Boucieu le Roi.

Track game “Lamastre en lumières” – 15 mn
Local history exploration in a wide game for children.
Start point and game brochure from the Lamastre tourist information office.

In the tracks of the Mastrou driver – 15 mn
Railway enigma for children.
Start point and game brochure from the Lamastre tourist information office.

Tree climbig – 50 mn
Parcours Aventure de l’Ecureuil at Chambon sur Lignon close to Saint Agrève.

Aventure Park – 1h00
Aquarock Aventure, a tree, rock and river circuit. Giant wheelie! At St Michel de Chabrillanoux.

Horse and pony rides
Riding school Le Vergier in Désaignes (20 mn).
Riding school of Antoulin in Champis (40 mn).

Botanical walk and walk in the nature

  • Parc Seignobos and its arboretum at Lamastre (15 mn).
  • Botanical walk of 3 km at Désaignes (20 mn).
  • Discovery trail of a chestnut grove at Désaignes (20 mn).
  • Site of reading of the landscape and magnificent panorama at the Castle of Rochebloine (25 mn).
  • Miniature village near the Col du Buisson at Nozières (30 mn).
  • Explore the Mont Gerbier de Jonc and the Sources of the river Loire.
  • Ray Pic waterfall and the Ardèche mountain plateau.

The tourism office of Lamastre offers families a suitable selection of walking cards. Ask for it!

Hiking and MTB
Maps and topoguides of the region at your disposal at the reception of the campsite.


Hiking La Ballastine – Mid-April
Hiking of 21 km on the old railway track between Cheylard and Lamastre (40 mn away from the campsite).

The Trail Ardechois from Désaignes – End of April / Beginning of May
Annual and foot race on the middle Ardèche mountain trails.
20 mn away from the campsite.

The Ardéchoise in Saint Félicien – Mid-June
The Ardéchoise is the biggest cycling race in Europe with 15000 participants on the roads of the Ardéchoise Mountain, starting from Saint Félicien (30 mn).

Lamas’trail Race – Early July
Sports competition in Lamastre.

Country Festival in Saint Agrève – Early August
The Equiblues Festival in Saint Agrève (40 minutes) is 6 days of shows and partying with rodeos, cowboy riding, dances and country music concerts.

The Lamastre Triathlon – August 15th
The triathlon takes place every year on August 15 with a departure (or a shuttle for the participants) from Lamastre (10 mn).

Street markets

Find local produce at the weekly markets in the streets of Lamastre. The stall-keepers really enjoy helping you discover our regional specialities.

The local produce gourmet hunting season is open for amateurs.

During your walks, explore all the flavours and savours of our fresh local produce.

  • Monday: Le Cheylard (in evening in season).
  • Tuesday: Great fairground market in Lamastre.
  • Wednesday: Le Cheylard and Saint Péray.
  • Thursday: marché à Vernoux en Vivarais.
  • Friday: La Voulte sur Rhône and Le Cheylard (in evening in season).
  • Saturday: Local product market in Lamastre.
  • Sunday: Désaignes and local product market in Vernoux en Vivarais in July/August.


In Lamastre :

  • Spring Fair: the first Saturday in May.
  • Arts markets: July/August.
  • The Craft show: July/August.
  • The “Vallée du Doux, Vallée du Goût” (Doux Valley, Gourmet Valley”) food fair: in August.
  • Autumn Fair: the last Saturday in September.

And also…

  • The Raspberry Fair: in Nozières, early August.
  • The Sweet chestnut Fair: in Désaignes, in October.
  • The Black Pudding (Boudin) Fair: in Saint Barthélemy Grozon, in November.


The Sweet Chestnut Farm in Lamastre (15 mn)
Visit of the chestnut grove and the workshop of transformation of products based on chestnuts, tasting and sale.

Thursdays at the farm.
Every Thursday in July and August, several farms and artisans open their doors from 15:00 to 19:00 for a guided tour of their exploitation and a tasting of their products.


The Château de Maisonseule in Saint Basile – 25 mn
The Château de Maisonseule, in its 85 hectare woodlands estate at an altitude of 700m is a 13th century fortress with magnificent views over the Ardèche mountains. You can visit it on European Heritage Days.

Lalouvesc Village – 45 mn
Lalouvesc is an important pilgrimage center with a rich heritage offering magnificent panoramas.

The Stills and Distilling Museum in Saint Desirat – 1h00
The Jean Gauthier Distillery museum tells the tale of bygone days and the history of a craft that has disappeared – the travelling distillers. Free entry

Safari of Peaugres – 1h10
The Safari of Peaugres is one of the largest animal parks in France (to visit on foot and by car).